Sometimes we’ll be starting from scratch, sometimes, we’ll be taking something existing and freshening it up and every time we do, we’ll create something that delivers to your situation and your needs.

We don’t believe that beautiful can’t be practical or that practical solutions can’t be elegant.

The product team at Cosybox are the core of what makes us special, so here’s a quick insight into the four core components that underpin our ability to deliver the best in class product every time.

Whether it’s architectural design or interior design we focus on creating a design that’s based on how human beings work and what your needs & objectives are. During this phase we take great care to understand what you are trying to achieve and how the people using the space operate in their daily lives and routine.

Our procurement team take inspiration from the rest of the world. Sometimes if you only look locally, you just can’t find the solution or piece of furniture that will cut it. Our procurement team work with suppliers all across the world to ensure that the design is not limited by the available solutions.

It’s well known that ideas are the easy part, but it’s the execution of the idea that counts. This is never truer than when it actually comes to building a new space or refurbishing an existing one. It’s all about the finish and attention to detail. Our build team strives to bring the vision to life with the highest standards of perfectionism, on time and on budget.

Staging allows potential users to feel how the space will be in reality once they move in, and for many is a great solution to having to go through the effort of furnishing a space themselves. A well-staged space enables the creation of video and photographic content that is the key driver of successful marketing material.